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November 2012
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soulmoonchild [userpic]
surprise surprise, look whose posting!

yeah yeah.. it's been months :) although working full time and spending my afternoons with my daughter, finding time to post is not at the top of my priority list but it's been so long and since i have a few minutes to myself, i thought now would be a good time. this year has had a lot of interesting twists and turns. the dissolvment of a lifelong friendship, the seperation of a relationship, full time job and.... a car! yep, I finally have my own car. all paid off and everything. 99 chevy prism 4 door, great gas mileage, etc... i <3 having a car.

Today Taylor turned 17 months. She's a smart cookie. learning to dress herself already. Says about 15 words, ball, blue, ni ni, fish, etc... blows kisses, plays peek a boo... even put a puppet on her hand and went "BLAH!" just like I do when I put it on and make it spit out its tounge at her... she sneaks up the stairs sometimes (she's quick :), she likes to step into her toy crate and pile her toys in her lap, loves to take her baths... she is really good about following directions.... unfortunately i dont have any recent pics that are online right now, my computer is on the fritz so i am using tims but i'll try to upload some soon.

in other news, i'll be 26 in 2 weeks... the downhill adventure begins, hehe ;p.

once my computer is up and running i'll try to post some more and catch up with people... untill then you can send me a message on myspace if you want, I might not see any responses to this.

take care all... hope everyone is well :)


hey girl! Long time no hear! I'm glad to hear you are ok - I was thinking of you and Taylor and wondering how things were going. Looks like things are great! If you can, get on AIM sometime and let's chat!