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my journey through life

and motherhood

31 May
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Our Daughter,so beautiful :)

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My boyfriend and I are the happy, proud, and exhausted parents of our daughter, Taylor Fane, whom was born Dec 19th 2005 at 6:15 p.m. She is obviously the light of our lives and even though shes only been here a short time I can't imagine our lives without her. So to inform you of ME, well simply. I'm a new mother. I'm experiaicing life in a whole new way, and that is something you can't simply explain in words, you have to experiance it. And it is wonderful. My days and nights and every moment are filled caring for this teeny tiny life that could possibly one day change the world. As i've observed this experiance both first hand and also an attempted 'outsiders' perspective, I've come to realize that I am not here to teach her, she has come to teach me. She is my guide, my glowing star and I am honored to have her in my life.

Other things about me might include that I live in Massachusetts with my boyfriend, Tim. We share our home with my cuddly cat Sage and our new family member, Santana, a beta fish. We spend our days caring for our daughter, playing with sagie, enjoying each others company, taking walks, making meals together, watching movies together, listening to books on tape, listening to music, and enjoying our lives in our own special way.

More specifically about me, I am 24 years old. I've lived pretty much all over the united states in that time. I attended 24 schools (or some number close to it) in my lifetime before finally obtaining my GED, although I did attend OSU-Okmulgee for a short time in 2004. I will be getting a teaching certificate within the next two years, so that I can be a teacher in a daycare when Taylor is a little older. Hrm... Aside from that I am drawn to all things spiritual, I love the moon and stars and quiet nights, i love candles and cloaks and daggers and herbs and all things with a celtic design, and of course the reinessance. I love paintings of the period especially those of J.W. Waterhouse. Oh and I REALLY love the metal and color silver, to me its a reflection of soul light and reminds me greatly of the Moon.

Well there you have it. a simple self biography. I didnt seem to have much trouble writting this either. Perhaps my Muse has returned after all.

i am the creator of loveofsoul, and the co-creator ofpreg_mass

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